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C. Renae Simon graduated from the REAL Small Business Course at CCCC over 10 years ago.  She is a testiment that the course provides you with an understanding of business planning and managment that lasts a lifetime.  She still uses the skills that she learned in that course today in her own business.  Renae was so passionate about the course and its effectiveness that she attendend the REAL Institute this year and is now a Certified REAL Facilitator. 
She is excited about all of the oppourtuinites that this certification awards her including facilitating the course in seminars, workshops, bootcamps and classes through Step-by-Step Businessolutions or in partenrship wiith community organizations, colleges, and universtities.  Her passion is helping people, and this course will allow her to help aspiring and existing business owners to better manage and navigate the "business side" of their business. 



The REAL Small Business Curriulum is taug are a great fit for entrepreneurs as it does not just give a broad overview of writing a business plan but sets a foundation to help participants gain confidence in the process.


The key to this is Action Learning,  Meaning that the courses are more than just lectures and handouts but consist of fun activities desgined to help you understand the WHY behind what you are learning.  By teaching in order for clients to gain understanding we empower them with the skills to manage their ever changing businesses more efficiently. 

Boot Camps

Your time is valuable.  As a matter of fact, you would probably pay good money for a clone to take off some of your work load.  We understand, and that is why we created the REAL Small Business Boot Camps.


These exciting jammed packed weekends are designed for busy people like you who just want to get in and get the business plan done!


Our boot camps range from 16-18 hours and are designed to walk you through writing your business plan Step-by-Step.  Bring your laptops, tablets, and notepads and let's get started!


Contact us today for upcoming Boot Camps in your area or contact us if would like to host one in your organization or ministry.

Targeted Workshops & Seminars


If your like us, a broad overview and notes just don't cut it.  As busy entreprenuers, if we invest the time and money into a class we want to leave it with something accomplished.


That's why we create our targeted workshops for business owners who want to learn and apply at the same time.  Our workshops are fun and focused! 


We come in with the end in mind... that you will walk out with an understanding on how to finish that portion of your business plan or how to manage a targeted area of your business.  Most importantly, we incorporate classtime for you to work on your specific business needs.


We offer workshops on:

Pricing Your Product

Creating a Marketing Plan that Works for My Company

Defeating the Giant!  Completing your Market Research Now!

Social Media, Meet My Company!

And many more.  Contact us today for a listing of workshops in your area. 

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