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Our creative team partners with you to create or enhance your company's image and to produce the marketing materials that you need to successfully promote your products or services.


Streamline your company's image with our graphic and print design services.  From logos and business cards, to webpages and brochures we've got you covered.  Our professional design team works closely with you to make sure that your brand is clear and recognizable by your customer and consistent on all fronts.




Our Strategic Marketing Meetings focus on marketing, branding and growth strategies and it is perfect for established business owners. We help you establish your potential target markets and explore to see if there is room for further market development or diversification.  Need help getting started?  We can tailor our Strategic Marketing Meetings for Start-Up Businesses as well.   


We focus on your Marketing Mix - The 4 P's Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Based on your business objectives, we help you to develop the marketing and advertising plan that builds brand awareness for your target market and works best for your company.


Some clients use these meetings as a brainstorming session and leave with a notebook full of strategies and ideas on how they can make the plan work. Others use the time to get organized and create a DIY action plan complete with homework assignments.


Strategic Marketing Meetings are based on a nominal fee  and broken into 2 hour increments. This service is available in person (piedmont area only).  Prior to the meeting, each client completes a "Marketing Mix" information form, which allows us to learn about your business and be better prepared to serve you.              Contact us today to schedule your  meeting.



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When it comes to Social Media are you thinking...

  • Do I bake the cake or update my website?

  • I don’t know HOW to update my website and I can’t find my web designer.

  • How many twitter posts should I do a week?

  • I haven’t seen my Facebook page in over a month.

  • How do I know if this stuff is paying off?

  • I want a blog but I just don’t have time.


If this sounds like you, we understand. We truly do understand, we have all been there. You are on the right track though because your business absolutely needs a web presence!   Your business needs an updated, clear, and consistent online identity in order to compete in 2015 and beyond.


We offer online & social media management services. We can work with you to setup your Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Pintrest, YouTube accounts or on your website.  We offer training on how to update and manage them yourself.


Another option is, for a monthly fee, we will create and maintain your online and social media presence for you.  Our services come complete with progress reports which answers your questions of:  How is this working?  How many followers do I have?  Who am I reaching? 


Online web presence and social media management are important and critical factors in the success of your company.  


Don't miss it!  Contact us today for more information.

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