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No matter how good you are at what you do, you still need to know how to manage the business side of your business.  That's where we come in.

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our steps


It’s amazing how little things change the trajectory of our lives forever.  When our Principal Instructor, Renae Simon, MBA, signed up to take an entrepreneurship elective at Central Carolina Community College 20 years ago, in all transparency, her motivation was more for an “Easy A” than to truly learn something.  Little did she know that the Rural Entrepreneurship Action Learning (REAL) Small Business Course would not only introduce her to the principles of entrepreneurship but spark a passion for it that would last a lifetime.  She still uses the skills that she learned in that course today in her own businesses, and because she recognized the value of the curriculum which helps teens and adults create their business plans through experiential learning activities, she attended the REAL Institute and is now a Certified REAL Facilitator.

In addition, during the past 20 years, Renae Simon has enjoyed a wonderful career in marketing, sales, special events management, facilities, management, hospitality, and business consulting.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  She recently completed a dual degree program securing a MBA from the University of NC at Wilmington and a Master of Science in International Business Development & Consulting from Novancia School of Business in Paris, France. 

Her experience, education, and her expertise in business development and marketing awarded her the ability to start Step-by-Step Businessolutions in 2013 and begin facilitating seminars, workshops, and classes independently and in partnership with community organizations, small business centers, community colleges, and universities. 

Renae’s greatest joy comes from helping individuals succeed in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, both individually and in a classroom setting.  As of result of this, she restructured her consulting business to focus intently on the development and instruction of seminars targeted towards small business owners and professionals.  From there, the Training Solutions Department of Step-by-Step Businessolutions was birthed.  Since then, the business has expanded into online webinars, multi-day boot camps and symposiums, and virtual consulting.


In 2023, the voices of our clients began to get louder, and finally, we listened… We have a story to tell, a story that not only inspires entrepreneurs but first generation leaders, their peers and allies.  We have a story that is filled with experiences that produced practical proven strategies on how to build and grow personally and in busines and how to overcome the obstacles and limiting beliefs that will hinder the pursuit of dreams.


In the new decade, through our new company (Announcement coming soon)., our team plans to expand nationwide through partnering with keynote speaking, training and workshops within higher education, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.  We also plan to continue to provide incredible small business resources through Step-by-Step Businessolutions.  Here we Grow again!


our philosophy

why change what works so well?

We believe that life is too short to reinvent the wheel!  Instead of competing with the organizations already designed to build entrepreneurship and expand economic development such as Small Business Centers, Community Colleges, Universities, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Economic Development Centers, Churches and Private Organizations, we decided to partner with them and offer presentations that can help them achieve their purpose. 

We are committed to creating partnerships based upon integrity and professionalism along with becoming a positive influence in the communities we visit.

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