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We believe that any success that we have achieved is insignificant if we don't share it to help influence individuals, families, and communities for the better. 
Renae Simon's dynamic, transparent, and engaging keynotes are grounded in the reality of the triumphs and challenges of her life story and the valuable lessons that she's learned.  Attendees will be challenged to become unstuck, to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and to choose to initiate changes in their lives that will benefit them both personally and professionally. 

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The Power to DECIDE

How to make up your mind that you want more out of life and then go for it!  You can change your situation.

In this dynamic, personal, transparent, and challenging presentation, Renae-Symone will share with participants her story and the steps to overcoming limiting beliefs in order to exercise their Power to Decide, Commit, & Take Action on creating a life that is bigger than they could ever imagine.

The story behind the Power to Decide

"At 15 I found out that I was pregnant, at 16 I decided that I would not be a stereotypical teenaged single mom.

I decided to keep my son out of toxic environments and away from toxic people. 

Years later, I decided to take my son and leave our family and friends who served as my support system,

to move to a different city to pursue my college degree. 

I decided to start my own company. Then companies. Then to help others start theirs.

I decided to get back up when I was knocked down, and to live when I wanted to die.

I decided to travel the world and see Paris, Italy, Spain, London, and Ireland. 

I decided to pursue my MBA and now my Doctorate degree so that I can serve the world better. 

I decided to deal with my past, my issues, and to allow myself to love and be loved. 

“I’ve also decided to make some bad decisions, to connect with the wrong people, and act out of the wrong emotions, but in the end...

I exercised my power to DECIDE. 

I want to reach out to those who have forgotten that they have the Power to Decide

to make their lives different... better. 

My goal is that through my story they will remember that the best decision that they could ever make is to

Decide to not give up hope and to not give up on themselves.”

Eliminating Self Sabotage to Become More Productive in Life

In this dynamic, transparent, and engaging seminar, Renae will challenge your attendees to identify areas where they are committing self-sabotage and the common underlying beliefs that created the habit. Next, she will provide practical science and common sense based strategies on how to overcome it.  This seminar is great for everyone, including employees, teams, or individuals that are not living up to their potential and feel constantly stuck.

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The story behind Eliminating Self Sabotage

My 60% is better than others 100%, I’m just that good; but what kept me from giving the extra, from digging in and working harder, from being more productive, from achieving my dreams, from striving for my 100%?  I did. 


I was extremely gifted at consciously and subconsciously SABOTAGING everything in my life, including my career, business, relationships, and opportunities.  Procrastination, distraction, and perfectionism were my tools of destruction and had unknowingly become a lifestyle for me… an addiction. Why do I say addiction?  Because when I identified the problem, quitting wasn't easy at all!  Self-sabotage was so ingrained into my thought patterns, habits, and beliefs, it took a tremendous amount of hard work, prayer, introspection, and practical changes to stop…and I am not through yet!

I want to share my experience, my ah-ha moments, and the strategies that I used to begin eliminating Self Sabotage from my life with others because I know and see so many people, from all walks of life, who are keeping themselves in the destructive cycle of self-sabotage by committing to being just good enough when we could be great!

  -Renae Simon

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