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During our Power Consultations we take the time to listen to you to find out where you are and where you would like to go in your business.


Some clients use this meeting as a brainstorming session and leave with a notebook full of strategies and ideas on how they can make it work.  Others use this time to get organized and create a DIY action plan complete with homework assignments.


We also work with clients who just need assistance with setting personal goals, budgets, resume writing, fundraising ideas, event planning, or proposal reviews. 


Our consultations are scheduled in 2 hour increments for a nominal fee.  They are available in person (piedmont area only), through online chat, and conference calls. Prior to the meeting, each client completes a "Finding Your Step" information form, which allows us to learn about your business and be better prepared to serve you.  


Click here to schedule your Power Consulation.




The Step-by-Step Business plan writing courses are for individuals who want to write their own business plans and who would like to gain enough understanding to use the plan as a guiding tool for their business.  We recommend that all entreprenuers take the time to write out their own business plan as it gives you insight on how to operate and grow your business effectively.  The knowledge that you gain from completing our courses or workshops will benefit your current business as well as any future businesses that you may start. 


We base all of our business plan writing courses, seminars, workshops and Businessolutions Boot Camps off the REAL Small Business Model which encourages Action Learning and Step-by-Step training.


We've been asked:  What makes this course different from the many others that are offered in my community?  


Our Answer:  We don't just give you an overview of how to write the plan and then send you home to do it yourself.  We walk you through it Step-by-Step.


  1. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can find the solutions that will work best for you.

  2. Our goal is not just to sell you a class it is to help you be successful. 

  3. You don't have to do it alone, our resources and professionals are there with you every step of the way. 

  4. In our courses, we guide you but you do the work.  Since you are learning by action and experience you are more likely to remember what you learn and therefore make more effective decisions on a day to day basis.

  5. You will have the oppourtunity to complete some work during our class session to gain understanding, however, you will have HOMEWORK.


Whether its business or personal, financials are simply the bottom line.  We understand that they can also be intimidating.
We will work with you to understand and create financial reports so that you are able to budget, plan, and operate more efficiently. 
We can help you deterimine through research and evalution:
  • Cost of Goods Sold or How much are you really spending on your product or service?
  • Break Even Point or At what point do you actually make profit?
  • Cost Cutting by finding any waste, inefficiency, or developing a better way of doing things
  • Cash Flow & Income Statements
We can also work with you to find Solutions that will help you with planning, managing cost, managing your time more effectively and finding multiple streams of income.
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