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The Question:  What's Our Motivation?


The Answer:  You know when a dream is filled with divine purpose. Nothing can force you to forget it; not fear or doubt, success or failure, poverty or prosperity, friends or enemies, seconds or even decades. The flame that it sparks in your heart upon its conception can only be quenched by pursuit or death. 


I choose to pursue. -C. Renae Simon



The Question:  Why Businessolutions & Training?


The Answer:  We believe that our experiences, training, education, and accomplishments were designed to be shared with other entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses and communities.  It's what we are meant to do and we love to do it!

Our Steps:

Our Principle Instructor, Renae Simon, graduated from the REAL Small Business Course at CCCC over 16 years ago.  She is a testament that the course provides you with an understanding of business planning and management that lasts a lifetime.  She still uses the skills that she learned in that course today in her own business.  Renae was so passionate about the course and its effectiveness that she attended the REAL Institute and is now a Certified REAL Facilitator.


This certification, her experience, and expertise in marketing awarded her the ability to begin facilitating seminars, workshops, and classes independently and in partnership with community organizations, small business centers, community colleges and universities. 


Renae’s greatest joy comes from helping individuals succeed in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams; both individually and in a classroom setting.  Due to this, she restructured her consulting business to focus intently on the development and instruction of seminars targeted towards small business owners and professionals.  From there, the Training Solutions Department of Step-by-Step Businessolutions was birthed.

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C. Renae Simon

The Step-by-Step Businessolutions Training strategy is based on the following four dynamics:


  1. Our passion for helping existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to better manage and navigate the “business side” of their business.

  2. Our love of communication and sharing information in a way that is simple, exciting, and designed to guide participants to that “Ah-ha! Moment”.

  3. Our belief that life is too short to reinvent the wheel!  Instead of competing with the organizations already designed to build entrepreneurship and expand economic development such as Small Business Centers, Community Colleges, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Economic Development Centers, Churches and Private Organizations, we decided to partner with them and offer seminars that can help them achieve their purpose.

  4. Our commitment to create partnerships based upon integrity and professionalism and to become a positive influence in the communities we visit.


We have developed exciting and informative seminars that we feel would benefit small business owners and professionals in the community.   The seminars range from the Core Business Plan Writing Courses to Customer Service and niche courses such as Event Planning, Marketing and Training in Hootsuite Social Media Platform.

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