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During my career, I have had the pleasure of being the event planner, the training coordinator, and the employee that didn’t want to go to another boring luncheon.

       I know what it is like to try to find the right speaker that will not only shine but fulfill the goals of the event, whether it’s entertainment, inspiration, mandatory training, or knowledge sharing.  I have wondered "What if the speaker turns out to be monotone and boring, all over the place, unengaging, inappropriate, or just not right for the biggest critics of all, MY  PEOPLE?”  I would search for the right person that would connect with my attendees and make them leave feeling good, recharged, challenged, knowledgeable and of course, awed by my incredible speaker selection talents.    


       Now that I am a speaker, I am reminded of this when designing my presentations and working with my clients.  More importantly, I have learned how to adjust accordingly based on the feel of my audience.  All of the seminars and presentations are customized based on the understanding of the diversity of the organizations and attendees served, along with the diverse learning styles and attention spans!  The presentations are prepared with something for everyone.  This includes videos, stories, interactions, activities or discussions.

       Most importantly, I enjoy speaking and training.  I love sharing information in a way that makes it interesting, practical, palatable, and creates those coveted ah-ha moments.  I love sharing on topics that challenge your audience to think and see things from a different perspective, which will create new connections that will continue to resonate with them after the meeting.

       Am I the right fit for your event?  Let me ask the expert…YOU!   You know what works and doesn’t work for your people, your goals, and what needs to be communicated.  Contact me by phone so we can discuss your needs and how I can assist you in meeting your objectives. I would love to chat with you!


       Meanwhile, I wish you the best as you plan the “Best Event Ever!” 

-Sincerely, C. Renae-Symone


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  • small business seminars range from 1.5 -3 hours

  • corporate training & workshops range from 1.5 hours to multi-days dependent on your needs

  • community inspiration presentations range from 45 minutes to 2-hours dependent on your needs

  • all seminars can be customized for your needs and audience

  • rates vary depending on the type of event and speaker expectations

  • all seminars and training includes handouts and printed or digital step by step instructions


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shameless plug testimonial

I recently facilitated a Customer Service & Diversity Seminar that was mandatory training for some very busy health care professionals whom I can safely say were not super excited to attend.  I would like to share the feedback that I received from the Director of the organization after my presentation.

"Renae, I would just like to take the time to thank you for coming to our Health Department and presenting our annual Customer Service In-Service. Several of the staff have stopped me and made comments on how they enjoyed your presentation and that is rare.


You engaged the staff, assessed their responses, redirected your presentation content to capture their interest. The presentation re-enforced our awareness that everyone no matter race or ethnicity have a different special diverse overall make up. Even though we think we are providing fantastic customer service we can be better.  


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us as well. Wish you the best of luck and hope others give you the chance to present to their staff."

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